Saturday, August 27, 2011


Well holy smokes another week has come and gone and im liking how this whole two year thing is flying by. If time is flying by then your having a good time. :)
So im glad to hear everything is going well back in the states and im glad to hear no one is in jail or dying. So this week eveything is pretty dope! cause sunday is a magical day where members give you refferals. haha i got my first refferal from a member this last week. And were trying to get a meeting set up witht he people :) so thats pretty exciting. And also why sunday is my fav day is cause we had a lady randomly show up to church and ask to meet with us. and so i have met with her 3 times this week! Her name is Irina. funny huh so now i have 2 investigators with the that name. And also she now has a baptismal date for the 17 of september. haha so now they both have b dates. cool huh haha. so im starting to realize that sometimes god does all the work and i just sit there and do nothing. And for some reason when those cool miracles come our way its usually not the cause from something we did. She just showed up and wanted to talk. We didnt do anything except teach her the lessons. So ya im glad i have the big guns fighting for me on the other side! Pretty dope. ya but anyways thats the way cool new for the week.
We had zone conferance this week also and it was sweet. The talks were way good  and Sister Nechiporov made an awesome taco soup!! Which is amazing for us cause our diet as missionaries sucks! haha we should eat better but we dont have time to make anthing nice except for on p days. so we uually make a quick spagghetti or however you spell it. Or dumplings and noodles. But im pretty sure i have eaten more noodles in the past year than i have my whole life put together.hhaha weird. But back to zone conferance. it was the bomb and we all learned alot and we got a new jump start to finish the transfer hard. President talked about how we need to step up our game so we can reach our goal of 55 baptisms by the end of the year. I think we are at 23 :S so ya. but we also have a freak amount of investigators getting baptised in september! we have 13 on the roster ! way crazy huh! but way cool haha. pretty intense cause in august we had i think only 1 person get baptised. but whatever we are kicking butt and taking names for september.!
Anyways i dont really have that much to tell you about last week. It was a good week thats pretty much it haha.
Well shoot tell everyone hi for me. give robin a wet willie for her birthday on the 1st. and someone go buy some more rats and give them to Sam and Dan. :) haha we all know why.
well shoot im off! Love you all
Drive fast and take chances
Love me

Elder Big D Wright

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