Saturday, August 13, 2011


Yo what up to all my playas! (in my black man voice!) Dope. Alright well shoot this week has been pretty crazy. Litterally crazy! cause i went to the center branch on sunday and like 5 people there are legitimately crazy. hahah. i dont know what to say about them just crazy. but way way funny to watch. i know robin would laugh right along with me watching them. haha. Those are the times i miss you guys the most is when something funny happens that only we would get with out wright semi strange humor. haha. But hey strange is the best. (it keeps everything interesting) right? Ya anyways it was pretty cool to hear that one of robins friends is coming to my mission. We will be glad to have him. He will learn to love it. Just like i have. EXCEPT WHEN FILLINGS FALL OUT OF MY TEETH!!! Yes a filling fell out and im not happy about it. pretty dumb but oh well. ill just keep it clean :S ahhaa
Ya but this week has been really stressful here in the office. i have been dealing with monthly reports from the past 3 months fixing them cause i keep getting calls from moscow telling me that the numbers arent adding up. :s so i have been cleaning up the mess from other missionaries. so ya i swear im going to go bald. Good thing i have a ton of hair. Ya so things in the office have been way rough. But im trying to be patient and NOT throw the computer and all financial documents out my 5th floor window. Even though that would really give me some pleasure out of the computer for once rather than headaches. ahah. But ya its actually not that bad. i just make it sound bad haha. Ya so anyways other than the actual computer stuff center rostov is the bomb! And i am having fun contacting the millions of people. Even if they say no or die or jump out infront of a moving car i still like contacting. hahah because in the end they will figure out i was just trying to help them. But for the most part people are really nice here. welll........... kinda. I have been trying an experiment. I go up to someone and just ask them a normal question like " escuse me can you point me to the nearest book store?" And people will always tell you where to go and how to get there and some even pick up that im american and they start talking to me and asking why im here. its actually pretty cool cause they find out that im a normal person with normal needs before i start talking about the gospel so thats a good way to contact. Now this is the normal way of contacting which works too. but not as good. " Hi can talk with your for a second?" And then i get a prompt jump off a cliff. Ok i never heare go jump off a cliff . but when i hear the no come out of their lips i take it as a sign to go jump off a cliff. hahah. But sometimes that approach works well.  so ya pretty funny and that has been my experiment lately.
So anyways since i came to center rostov i have inherited a investigator here name is Irina. she is a painter and she is way good! way good. she took me to here art gallery two days ago and she has some of the most amazing paintings i have ever seen.!! Just amazing is all i can say. But she has been an investigator for a little over 2 months. And she has come to church every single sunday and has been to 3 baptisms and she has also had a baptismal date. But she backed out a week before the baptism. She just wanted to know more about the gospel befor she got baptised. And she is really a neat lady. She told me yesterday on a lesson that she has a desire to be baptised and she thinks she is pretty much ready. she is just scared of what her friends will think. So she is going to get the fear god more than man lesson here soon. But as you can see she has potential. Hopefully ill dunk her quick. haha but here is the cool thing about her. Every thing she has asked for in a prayer has been answered! not just like been answered in a while but imediately! Like for instants she needed some money to pay rent and she prayed and the next day a old client that she painted for brought her money that he owed her. then she lost the money in her house and couldnt find it anywhere then she prayed. guess what she found it in 2 minutes. then yesterday we had our lesson with her and she said her power got shut off and she cant paint without light. so we told her to pray. more in a joking manner. but then she did at the end of the lesson. then she went home and called me back and told me the power at her house was on! how dope is that! so the lord definately answeres prayers. So we are going to be bringing this up on our next meeting too. ya so that irina. she is way cool, hopefully she continues to progress.
Ya so that has been my week.  its been pretty fun and pretty crazy. but i did get word that my next visa got messed up some how so guess what ill be going to kiev ukrain to the temple most likely for like a week. how dope is that. i havent seen a temple in 5 months. thats a long long time!! so im pretty stoaked about that. it might chane though. so we will see. we will see but i got my fingers crossed. ;) k well i hope that everyone has a great week.!!
drive fast and take chances.
love me Elder Wright Big D    bahhahaha
P.S. The pic is me and my new comp. his dad wasa mission pres in moscow like 8 years ago. so he is cool i  was in the mtc with him to its kinda cool to catch up. his name is Elder Kelly. He is from provo and his dad is a professor at BYU right now. His dad is a professor of Russian believe it or not haha. crazy how things work out huh. :) so maybe robin will run into him some time.

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