Friday, August 19, 2011


Hey guys whats up?
Well shoot nothing much is going on here. Just the same old jiff. Well except for on piece of info. You know Irina the lady i have been teaching? ya well she is cool and she now has a baptismal date for the 3rd of September. Dope huh! So I'm pretty stoked about that one!!! ha ha. I'm glad she is progressing. hopefully everything works out and hopefully it doesn't fall through.
Ya well this week was a pretty much a monsoon! I about drowned like 3 times just walking around out side!  Pretty ridiculous if you ask me. I'm pretty sure i attached some pics to show you . It was pretty cool though. I enjoyed it at least. But the heat wave is finally gone and its been in the low 80's all week and its awesome! I'm so glad to finally be out of the heat wave. It was so hot it reminded me of how Dax cooked a frozen pizza on a rock in Moab. Remember that? What a goof ball, i sure miss that kid.
So thinking about the date i hit my year mark here next month. Weird huh. Ya but i was looking at my release date and stuff and it seems like they have added another transfer to my mission. Funny huh. oh well. I'm not worried about it. But the mission has been going well, nothing to complain about really. Especially since I'm sitting in the nice air conditioned office! ha ha pretty funny, but its way fun to be here in the office with president and the senior couples. Ha ha the senior couple are hilarious!!! the prices> he was actually a professor at BYU . He taught Child psychology for a long time. Maybe someone in our family has taken a class from him. Anyways he is awesome cause at FHE this Monday ( i was translating) and he said while walking around the room like a zombie humming. " you better be good cause i can look into your eyes and know what you have done." ha ha it was pretty funny :) I laughed and so did everyone else. Its way hard to translate when your laughing. the funny part wasn't even him saying he can know what everyone was doing it was a 72 year old man walking like a zombie humming. ha ha so funny. anyways.
Ya well this week was just normal nothing too exciting other than the baptismal date with Irina. She is pretty cool i wish you guys could meet her. ya anyways so im pretty much out of stuff to tell ya. This week was just a normal week around the block.
Well i guess ill get off then.
Love you all.
Elder Big D
Pictures: me and my comp Elder Kelly drowning, me way way cold, and me at a huge dope Russian war monument here in center Rostov. Its way cool. :)


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